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Pallet Garden

The Pallet Gardens

For the Northwest Flower and Garden Show I created two pallets to be hung as green walls from the timber frame arbor we were using.  My intention with the Pallet Gardens was to create a contemporary grotto under the arbor. I wanted the feeling of lush enclosing walls while keeping up some of the sharp contrasting elements we had on the ground.

I started off with two pallets left over from a patio project. They are heavy duty two sided with 4×4 side posts.

Pallet Planters 01

I removed one or two planks to open the exposed face and so the pallets would match and  hammered in or removed any nail heads or tips that were sticking out. Using a common landscape fabric I inserted it in between the two sides of the pallet so that it created a “U” along the inside front and back faces.  Then with a staple gun, and 1/2 inch staples, I reached inside and stapled up the 4×4 post and the middle 2×4 post attaching the fabric securely to the pallet. I made sure to fold the top edges  enough to take up any slack in the fabric to prevent sagging out the bottom once it was to be hung. That also allowed me to staple through many layers of the fabric just in case some of the other staples pulled lose.







Pallet Planters

I filled the “pockets” of fabric with high quality potting soil and made horizontal cuts in the fabric where we were to plant. It is easier to add the potting soil as you go, planting from the bottom up.  For the taller and more top heavy plants I pushed them in pretty deep so they would be anchored securely until the roots can take hold. We planted the pallets with Carex trifida ‘Rekohu Sunrise’, primerose, Moss and Heuchera.

We hung the Pallet Gardens from the timber frame arbor using 1″ poly rope and very secure knots. To finalize the leveling process we shimmed under the rope above the beams so that it won’t be visible ( although now I see it still is!)

Watering the Pallet Gardens will be easy since there are two vertical soil pockets that are open on top. A drip system or a watering wand would due the trick. The water will percolate through the whole root zone.


Pallet Garden


Pallet Garden 02

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