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Potager Garden 2011

It’s been ten years since I moved to the Seattle area and started Native Root Designs. I had a diverse background in horticulture and I was eager to push my design and landscaping experiences to the next level. Through a friend and co-worker at the small retail nursery in Santa Cruz, CA,The Garden Company, I […]


We have lived in our house for just about seven years. If you count back, yes, 2006. It did appreciate a bit over the first year. We remodeled the kitchen so that the sink would fit in the counter and the drawers would close all the way. The garden was the first “improvement”. I had […]

Learning to water

Ah, the long days of summer. Now that it’s hot out you can let the sprinkler lose on your garden. Turn it up and let the kids play in it while you water the lawn! Our lawn usually has a green ring in the middle of it! The rest can turn gold, I’m fine either […]

Dividing Brunnera

Here are a few of the tasks we’ve been up to in gardens over the last few weeks. #1:  In the garden bed below we: moved the Euonymus shrub over about 12 inches; dug out two very large Miscanthus, grasses, divided them into manageable pieces and replanted three pieces (out of approximately 12) to anchor […]

Brothers and Sisters; opposite matchies!

  It is once again coming into spring.  I’ve been trying to point out to Lila, now 3 years and 10 months old, how the leaves are starting to come out again on the shrubs.  Yesterday she rewarded my efforts by stopping by a Spirea ‘Magic Carpet’ and exclaiming, ” Look, Look, all the flowers […]

Burning Bush and Crabapple

Here we are in the last days of October.  I am a little amazed by the lack of fall color and weather!  Unfortunately I know that the lovely weather we have been having is just going to expedite the crash in temperatures that happens so suddenly here on the Pacific coast. I see the seasons […]

May on a garden tour

Back in October of 2007 I began my first Blog.  It was a little sloppy and inconsistent (still the same) however looking back on it now I found it quite interesting.  Here is why.  I began with the intention of writing about how a gardener becomes a parent and stays a gardener.  I titled the […]


So we like to garden.  I am a professional gardener, designer, landscaper and artist.  Being self employed and trying to accomplish owning a 1921 home on an 8,000 sq.ft. lot with my wife keeps me pretty busy.  But my garden is very important to me.  The justification is, that it is a trail ground for […]